First Visit

It is our honor and pleasure to have you contact our office to schedule a courtesy examination.  When you make the initial call, or email, for an appointment, our team will assist you in making your first appointment.  They will answer any special questions you may have and they will also get some general information from you at that time.  Our goal is to provide an outstanding treatment experience for our patients and families.

  1. During your first visit, one of our treatment coordinators will welcome you to our office.  Your initial examination should take about one hour.
  2. Dr. Berkowitz will then perform his initial examination to determine:
    1. If your child, or yourself, needs orthodontic treatment and an explanation of the clinical findings.
    2. When treatment should be started.
    3. Approximately how long treatment will take.
    4. How much treatment will cost?
  3. In addition, you will be given a general overview of our financial policy including an explanation of your “estimated insurance benefits” and insurance protocol (if applicable, please bring all of your insurance information to facilitate determining your benefits) or, for your convenience, email any questions to Rachel, our Financial Coordinator by clicking on her name.