Family Care Program

Family Care Program:  To provide the highest level of orthodontic service for our families, we have for a long time believed in the “Family Care Program” concept.  That is, it has been our experience that when a family has established a relationship with our practice for one family member it is our office’s responsibility to help provide the total family with information regarding the benefits of orthodontics.  We are happy to provide a courtesy orthodontic examination for every interested member of the family.  The majority of our referrals come from family dental offices; however, many times parents have questions regarding orthodontics that we are pleased to answer for them.

Benefits For Children:  The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children be seen as early as age 7, to help identify developing problems and to help plan for future treatment needs.  Early detection of malocclusions can help reduce the severity of developing orthodontic problems.  Please note that while children should be evaluated early, only a certain percentage (about 15%) would benefit from early interceptive treatment.  The majority of patients are best treated at a later stage.  The initiation of treatment at this stage allows us to maximize our treatment goals, and minimize the length of treatment.  Patients not quite ready to start active therapy will be maintained on an “observation and guidance” program.

Benefits For Adults:  Many adults, including parents of our child patients, have questions regarding the benefits of orthodontic treatment for themselves.  Orthodontics for adults of any age can help establish an improved esthetic result and a healthy bite.  We work closely with your family dental offices and/or dental specialists office to provide team interdisciplinary care.  About 25% of our orthodontic patients are adults.

The Examination Visit:  At a clinical examination appointment we can determine how the patient can best benefit from orthodontics.  Remember, there is no obligation to start treatment.  It is our desire to make sure everything is right for our valued families in providing this additional service.

Friends, Family and Acquaintances:  We would appreciate, and be honored, to have the opportunity to offer the same high standards of care to your friends, relatives, and neighbors: We are sure they would also make excellent patients.  Please feel free to tell them about our office!  Also, have them tell us you referred them and we will acknowledge the referral in a special way.  We truly appreciate the referral of other quality families.