Make an Appointment

Of all the areas that play a role in delivery of quality and efficient orthodontic treatment none is more important to this office than proper scheduling of patients.

It has always been the policy of our office to help all of our patients “set-up” their appointments as conveniently as possible.  We do understand the different problems patients have with scheduling appointments at certain times of the day.  Work hours, school hours, school activities, sports, scouts and religious responsibilities all must be taken into consideration when we schedule patients. We do not want to conflict with any of these other major parts of our patient’s life.

We are proud to use an “online” patient appointment reminder as a convenience to you and our practice.

Our office will try to run the most efficient and time managed practice possible, but still provide excellent individual care for our patients.

If you are having any immediate or urgent concerns with your braces, please click here in order to properly take care of the problem.

Call us at 614-475-9800, or email our reception desk at:, or submit a contact form (below) to get in touch.


Don’t Forget to Update Us!

In order to keep our records current, we need to be informed of any changes in your personal history that would affect us.

The most important of these regards your medical history and your current address and phone number. In addition, your cell phone and email are required parts of your record.

If changes have occurred in these areas recently, please call or email by clicking the above link and let us know as soon as possible.

Thank you.